How far can you ship?

What if I don’t see what I am looking for on the website?
Give us a call or send an email with a picture of the product that you are trying to source.

What are your credit terms?
Credit terms are COD. 30 Day accounts are offered, terms apply.
For a credit application please email vicki@hippsstone.com.

How much can you deliver at a time?
There is no minimum delivery. We deliver up to 24 tons of material.
Please click on the services tab for additional delivery information.

May I return material?
Material may only be returned to the yard that it was purchased from, if it is in full pallet quantities. A mandatory 25% restocking fee will be applied.

How to Become a Dealer?
For more information on becoming a dealer, email shane@hippsstone.com.

FAQ Questions about EasyJoint

A couple of questions your customers may have and how to respond: 

I dryset by setting the stone on stone dust or screenings, is that okay?
Stone dust or screenings will not prohibit the EASYJoint from setting up properly but fines hold a lot of water and are not great for freeze thaw cycle resistance.  EASYJoint recommends a clean washed stone such as C-33 or stone chips such as No.8’s, 9’s, 10’s,.  #78’s or #89’s  

I wetset or thinset all of my projects.  Since EASYJoint is permeable wont that let water in to freeze and create problems with adhesion.
No, EASYJoint’s permeability allows water to escape both through the joint and to evaporate.  It does not trap water.  It is also flexible so it won’t crack out like a mortar joint.  You just need to make sure as with any job that there is adequate pitch for drainage.