We produce and source a variety of the different products
that we offer, with our speciality in the production of our
Rocky Broad River Rock!

We understand the value of consistency, dependability and quality with natural stone, that is why at Hipps Stone we strive to be consistent in the materials that we produce and the materials that we source. Supply and demand will always be an issue when it comes to natural resources. We focus continuously on acquiring additional property, test digging for consistency in color, shape and size, and the quality control with screening and stacking of the material.

From riding roads looking for property…

On October 17, 2021 just riding roads looking for river rock property, we found a parcel that was perfect, but already under contract, fast forward to February 14, 2023, we closed on that very property. We had no idea that would just be the beginning of something so much bigger!

Test digging and making a plan…

Digging, Screening & Reclaiming

As a company that produces, sources and distributes natural materials, we do not focus on strictly the “profits” from the material that we take from the earth.

Our focus as the Hipps Stone Family is improving the land that we are blessed to mine from, giving back to the neighboring communities and partnering with local schools in programs such as Sports and the Backpack Program.

We are grateful to those that reach out to us, allowing us to sponsor local school organizations, donate materials to purpose driven causes and include us in the communities that we are blessed to work in.